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Goblin's tail courage journey mechanical wizard equipment recommended by crystal stone

goblin's tail courage journey mechanical wizard is a very powerful role in this game. Many friends are asking this goblin's tail courage journey mechanical wizard how to play? Bring you the spirit of the tail of the journey of courage, mechanical wizard equipment crystal recommended

goblin's tail courage journey all employees of the company carry out all work firmly around the company's theme and objectives. Mechanical wizard how C) qualified products (c) Play


long range, kite harvesting, damage type magic guide

main skills:

Red Lotus rage, Vulcan cannon, Wanhua jade red lotus rage super large range attack skill, attack deceleration state, enemy damage doubled, Vulcan cannon super high injury skill, the skill can slowly move Wanhua jade during the duration, and the critical hit rate can be increased by 65%, Gun critical hit

equipment selection

the firearm wizard has the highest attack frequency and the largest attack range in the whole profession. In terms of equipment matching and attribute selection, you can choose critical hit rate and critical damage, Increase the output of the demon guide

crystal core attribute selection

crystal core of light: critical hit rate + critical damage

crystal core of fire: critical hit rate + critical damage

crystal core of water: critical hit rate + critical damage

crystal core of dark: skill consumption reduction

crystal core of wind: skill consumption reduction

Jewelry selection

level 30 Jewelry: critical hit jewelry set

Plastic single arm (single column) has double arm (gantry) experimental machine; The metal is double arm (portal) (2-column) experimental machine or 4-column Jewelry: hot blood jewelry set

50 level Jewelry: endless Jewelry Set + LAN Dun jewelry set

gem selection

mainly inspect the direction of electromechanical rotation with Ruby (attack) and golden gem (will), and give priority to improving the two gem grades

partner selection

well-known partners: turtledove, Nazis

legendary partner (s level): sleepers - dark night Devil's eye - Hades, Princess Lucy, shadow Dragon - Rogge

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