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Zaozhuang Taierzhuang Branch Bureau ensures the safety of special equipment during the two festivals

recently, Zaozhuang Taierzhuang Quality Supervision Branch Bureau deployed in advance and held the 2009 National Day, Mid Autumn Festival pre inspection and special equipment safety assurance work meeting during the holiday. At the meeting, Zhang Ke, the director in charge of the Taierzhuang Bureau, requested that we should deeply study and implement the spirit of the documents of the provincial and municipal bureaus, fully recognize that there is still a long way to go for the safety of special equipment at present, unify our thinking, raise awareness, actively carry out the safety inspection activities of special equipment before the festival, arrange and deploy the safety work of special equipment during the holiday in advance, and ensure the safe operation of special equipment during the two festivals

carry out safety inspection of special equipment. Led by the special supervision section, the joint supervision branch will carry out a major safety inspection of special equipment throughout the region, conduct a comprehensive inspection of special equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines and lifting machinery, strictly control the manufacturing and installation, use management, supervision and inspection, hidden danger management and emergency rescue of special equipment, and issue rectification instructions for special equipment if hidden dangers are found in the inspection of the maintenance methods of the testing machine, Closely track the rectification and arrive at the purchaser's site to repair the fault within the shortest time through the combination of demand side pull and supply side push. At the same time, carry out special equipment safety publicity and education in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise, and improve the safety awareness of special equipment safety managers and operators

strengthen holiday emergency duty. Establish a leadership shift and duty system during the national day, ensure that special equipment safety supervisors are on duty every day, and require the personnel on duty to stick to their posts, maintain smooth 24-hour communication, and strengthen information transmission. In case of special equipment safety accidents and special equipment emergencies, immediately report to the relevant leaders and start the special equipment emergency plan to respond quickly and deal with them efficiently. (Ma Yan, Zaozhuang Taierzhuang Quality Supervision Branch)

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