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Delta helped Taoyuan build a smart city with LED street lamp energy saving of more than 70%

recently, at the invitation of Taoyuan municipal government, delta participated in the "Taoyuan smart street lamp forum" to share Delta's experience in building smart city infrastructure at home and abroad in recent years. Since 2010, delta began to develop LED intelligent street lamp solutions. So far, more than 600000 LED street lamps have been installed all over the world, of which the proportion of intelligent street lamps that can be remotely monitored has accounted for nearly 10%, and is growing rapidly every year. At present, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, which is building street lamps, also adopts Delta's intelligent street lamp system, installing more than 20000 LED intelligent street lamps with wireless connection function, and moving towards a smart city

Lin kunyue, director of delta lighting business department from (4) 0 ° C to 200 ° C (40 ° 3 92 ° f), said that in the past decade, Delta has successively installed efficient lamps for counties and cities. It is unnecessary to re input L. it is necessary to replace ed street lamps in time. In addition to providing high-quality lighting, it also enjoys energy-saving benefits. In particular, intelligent LED street lamps are highly expandable. In the future, electric vehicle chargers, environmental monitors, video monitoring, information billboards and other functions can be added as needed, Through IOT IOT, it can efficiently connect, collect information and provide multiple services, which will be one of the most important infrastructures in the development of smart cities

Delta has installed nearly 13000 LED street lamps for Taoyuan, of which about 6500 are intelligent. Through the functions of remote monitoring, maintenance management and light control of delta LED intelligent street lamp management platform, it can save more than 70% energy compared with traditional mercury lamps, and save nearly NT $18million, about RMB 4million in annual electricity costs. In addition, the 20000 led smart street lamps installed in Jakarta are also equipped with the smart street lamp management platform, which is expected to save at least 48% of the electricity per year compared with the traditional high-pressure sodium lamps originally used

in addition to intelligent lighting, many innovative technologies developed by Delta, such as building automation, electric vehicle charging, energy storage, renewable energy, are also the key foundation to help build a smart city. Especially in the field of building automation, Delta has comprehensively strengthened its soft power through strategic mergers and acquisitions, from equipment to information analysis and management, intelligent cross platform integration and control, and achieved efficient building management, In addition to effectively delaying crystallization and connecting other energy infrastructure solutions, it can also help the overall planning and transformation of smart cities

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