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Higher education shows its strength delta UPS won the bid of China Agricultural University recently, China Agricultural University and Zhongda Diantong Co., Ltd. jointly launched the construction of the expansion and reconstruction project of the central computer room of China Agricultural University. Delta UPS won the bid of China Agricultural University this time, which once again proves the leading advantage of delta UPS in the field of technical services in the field of uninterruptible power supply, and once again shows the strong strength and value of Zhongda Diantong in the field of power environment solutions

the experimental results of China Agricultural University, which has experienced nearly a century of trials and tribulations, show that it is one of the key institutions of higher learning in China, with about 1490 full-time teachers who also let us constantly challenge ourselves. It has 13 colleges, and has doctoral and master's degree authorization points, as well as secondary national key disciplines, post doctoral mobile stations, etc. it has a complete education system for cultivating bachelor's, master's, doctor's and post doctoral students. China Agricultural University has always attached importance to the quality of teaching. In recent years, the school has focused on reform and development, developed synchronously with science and technology with different characteristics of Japan new moon Jinan fatigue testing machine, and carried out extensive international exchanges and cooperation. With the continuous expansion of teaching scale, its existing information and network equipment can no longer meet the needs of disciplines and teaching, so there is an urgent need to upgrade and expand the central computer room of the school

it is understood that a dozen well-known manufacturers participated in the bidding for this project, so the product price competition is extremely fierce. Delta UPS can stand out in such a fierce atmosphere, which is inseparable from its excellent product performance, delta brand advantages and excellent service of Zhongda power connect. During the project, by leading the project leader to visit the company's exhibition hall and explaining the products in detail, the working group of Zhongda Diantong made them fully feel the strong company strength of Zhongda Diantong, and led them to visit and inspect the past case units such as Beijing Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhongyu satellite center. Through the good feedback of users, the project leader was full of confidence in choosing delta ups

this project adopts delta NT series UPS, which is specially designed for large users. It adopts multiple parallel machines and green environmental protection and energy-saving patented technology design, and can realize direct parallel machines of up to 8 ups. Its performance in energy conservation and environmental protection is very remarkable: high efficiency, effective use of electric energy, and reduction of air conditioning investment; Through the effective management of the battery, the service life of the battery can be extended and the environmental pollution of the battery can be reduced. Through the shared battery function, the capital investment, installation space investment, load-bearing investment, etc. can also be saved, and the operation cost investment can be effectively reduced. Moreover, the machine can filter many kinds of bad power conditions such as lightning strike, clutter, burst wave and frequency instability, which directly affects the success or failure of the experiment and the accuracy of the test data; With, the safety of UPS is raised to the highest level, providing users with a more reliable UPS power supply system

the cooperation between China Agricultural University and Zhongda Diantong this time reflects the further deepening of their strategic partnership and provides another win-win opportunity for both sides. With advanced technology, high-quality service and standardized management, Zhongda Diantong will continue to help China's education sector improve teaching quality and create more market value

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