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Shaanxi Quality Supervision Bureau announced the results of the spot check of the second quarter of 2013 product quality supervision and spot check results of the second quarter of 2013 released by the Technical Supervision Bureau of the Shaanxi provincial quality technology steel structure industry chain (Yuanda Kejian, Huansheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Anyang Dazheng steel structure company) on the 24th, which showed that two batches of construction adhesive products did not meet the standard requirements

it is reported that the Jinan Cairn spring change testing machine, which is the main sample, can meet the accuracy requirements of level 1. It is necessary to select 25 enterprises and 31 batches of samples from the construction adhesive production enterprises in Xi'an, Xianyang, Hanzhong and Shangluo. According to GB "limit of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration materials", hg/t "polyvinyl acetate lotion wood adhesives" and other relevant standards, as well as the current effective enterprise standards and product express quality requirements that have been filed, free formaldehyde, benzene, toluene + xylene, total volatile organic compounds, compressive shear strength, appearance, pH value, nonvolatile matter Viscosity and other items were tested

after inspection, 29 batches of qualified samples were comprehensively determined, and the qualification rate of sample batches was 94%. There are two batches of samples that do not meet the standard, and the non-volatile matter, compression shear strength and bonding strength of construction adhesive products do not meet the standard

Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision said that the relevant municipal quality and technical supervision departments have been instructed to deal with the unqualified products and their enterprises in this spot check in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations

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