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Shaan Chai heavy industry held a fire accident disposal demonstration activity

Shaan Chai heavy industry held a fire accident disposal demonstration activity

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in order to further enhance employees' awareness of fire safety, popularize fire safety knowledge, and improve the company's fire safety management level, on November 7, Shaan Chai heavy industry held a fire accident disposal demonstration activity with the theme of "eliminating fire hazards and building a harmonious society". Safety technicians, volunteer firefighters and new employees from key and non key fire prevention units of the company participated in the event. Cao ruiguo, deputy general manager, leaders of Xingping fire brigade, Banqiao police station and shanchai middle school were also invited to watch the whole process of the exhibition

at 9:00 a.m., Wang Huifeng, Minister of security and confidentiality, made a mobilization speech, briefly introduced the purpose and significance of this activity, and announced the "beginning of the demonstration". The firefighters successively carried out a 100 meter weight-bearing run, wearing fire fighting clothes in place, wearing air respirators on site, and a foam pipe gun fire-fighting performance. Therefore, an array of servo valves were connected in parallel on the symmetrical hydraulic cylinder, a single main line and double water outlets for fire fighting, and the use of fire extinguishers. Wu genqiang, the fire protection officer, explained the demonstration project synchronously. The whole performance lasted more than 40 minutes, and the audience gave warm applause from time to time

after the performance, Cao ruiguo made a summary speech, thanked the team members who participated in the demonstration, and fully affirmed their excellent performance. He pointed out that the performance gave everyone a vivid fire-fighting lesson and made the concept of fire safety deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; It is hoped that firefighters will keep their mission in mind and stick to it as before. 6. By measuring the products produced on the assembly line, they will continue to learn and strengthen training, and do a good job in safety assurance for the development of the company and the safety of people's lives and property with full enthusiasm

at the end of the activity, all the people present signed on the banner "fire safety, fire prevention depends on everyone"

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