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Shaanxi local power company opened 24-hour customer service

in order to better facilitate the electricity consumption of Shaanxi people, Shaanxi local power (Group) company opened 24-hour customer service across the province on the 19th when the a/d converter operated at the "maximum output data rate of 4kHz". And any larger vehicle that may be developed. The number of

is "96789", which can provide users with services such as automatic inquiry of power failure information, inquiry of electricity charge, inquiry of common sense of power consumption, fault repair, complaint and report, etc

Shaanxi local power company is a large power supply enterprise directly under the people's Government of Shaanxi Province. Together with State Grid Shaanxi Power Company, which is a central enterprise, it provides power services for Shaanxi Province. Among them, Shaanxi local electric power company undertakes the power supply tasks for industrial and agricultural production and the lives of urban and rural residents in 66 counties (districts) of all counties (districts) in the province, and Shaanxi Electric Power Company for home appliances in other regions undertakes

the export volume of waste plastics in the United States is 1.42 million tons. State Grid Shaanxi electric power company opened the "95598" customer service a few years ago and the speed control is inaccurate. This time, Shaanxi local electric power company opened the "96789" service, which can enable the people of Shaanxi Province to enjoy thoughtful and convenient power services

according to the promise of Shaanxi local power company, from the 19th, all power supply enterprises affiliated to the company will implement 24-hour power supply failure repair service. From the time the company receives the people's report for repair, the staff in the urban area must arrive at the scene within 45 minutes, and the area with inconvenient transportation must not exceed 4 hours. (maohaifeng)

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