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Are power selling companies involved in carbon emissions? Carbon asset management companies have started selling electricity

on August 25, the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission issued the 2017 carbon emission quota implementation plan, covering a total of 246 enterprises in the six industries of power, cement, steel, petrochemical, paper and civil aviation. The total quota this year is 422 million tons, of which 399 million tons are for emission control enterprises and 23 million tons are for reserves. Electronic universal testing machine can stretch, shear, peel, shrink, zigzag, tear, puncture, bursting and other mechanical properties and processability of various metal, non-metal and composite materials, and can be tested and analyzed before "surgery"

opening clear meaning: an important direction of value-added service diversification of power selling companies is carbon emission trading

speaking of carbon emission trading, this trading variety that limits carbon dioxide emissions has also been piloted in some provinces and cities in China for many years. The industries included in the pilot scope are also our common high-capacity and high emission industries, and these enterprises also have an urgent need for Carbon Asset Management. If conditions permit, they will set up relevant management companies (click here to read)

according to the conversion that 1 kwh of electricity equals 0.4KG of standard coal, the electricity consumption of enterprises with an annual comprehensive energy consumption of more than 10000 tons of standard coal is 25million kwh, which is a proper large power user. These users are the favorite but scrupulous enterprises of power selling companies. Why—— It is an indisputable fact that such high-capacity enterprises consume huge amounts of electricity, but cement, steel and paper-making enterprises also belong to the list of de capacity or key supervision objects of environmental protection. Once some equipment is included in the list of elimination or production restriction, production activities will be affected, which will cause large fluctuations and deviations, which is a thorny thing for many power selling companies

however, today we are not talking about this. We are talking about what we can do for these power users as an integrated energy service provider? Companies that simply sell electricity do not exist. Electricity is a homogeneous commodity. Whoever uses it is the same. The difference is that whose price is more favorable. Not to mention that the price difference range of the market has been severely squeezed. If you want to counterattack in the convergent price difference, you can only see their unique skills

articles on carbon emission power selling companies

Jing Jian has also discussed in previous articles how power selling companies can transform from simple middlemen to integrated energy service providers. There are also many articles on the Internet, but they generally focus on discussing that power selling companies can provide users with energy consumption monitoring, equipment operation and maintenance, demand side management and other services, But on the financial level, power selling companies can also help users manage carbon assets

what? Do you think selling electricity + carbon emissions is ridiculous? It's impossible? Guangzhou Hengyun Power Sales Co., Ltd. has carried out the first carbon target transaction in Guangzhou carbon emission exchange in 2016. It has purchased 3.69 million tons of carbon targets through one-time agreement transfer, and the carbon price per ton is 12.8 yuan. It has become the only power sales enterprise operating carbon emission rights in China

therefore, the fact is that for these enterprises included in carbon emission management, their own industry development has been restricted by many industrial policies, such as capacity reduction, emission restriction, etc., as well as homogenized market competition, which has sounded an alarm for their own survival and development. Now, when they are included in carbon emission management, they have to pay fees or purchase emission quotas after using the free quota, This undoubtedly increases the operating cost of the enterprise

as an integrated energy service company, power selling companies need to clearly understand that power services, energy efficiency management and carbon asset management are actually an organic whole. As long as they operate well, they can create benefits far higher than the price difference of electricity prices for users

the specific operation path is as follows: the power selling company takes the power trading of acting users as the entry point, undertakes the deviation for users, and effectively reduces the energy consumption cost of users. In order to better monitor the energy efficiency of equipment, the power selling company can automatically generate a serial number after logging in the sample, and gradually guide customers to conduct in-depth cooperation in energy management contracts from simple energy efficiency monitoring, The remaining carbon emission quota created by energy-saving projects can be traded in the market, which not only reduces the energy cost of enterprises, but also gains from the sale of emission quotas

if there is a complete model, in the existing contract energy management cooperation model, power selling companies can also propose to offset the cost of contract energy management projects by using the income from carbon asset operation and the income from energy conservation, so as to further stimulate the motivation and confidence of user cooperation

carbon asset management companies sell electricity directly

as the saying goes: all roads lead to Rome, but some people were born in Rome. Jing Jian learned that Huaneng carbon Assets Management Co., Ltd. has already had a transaction record in the direct transaction in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region in July this year, and has successfully signed contracts with Huawei technical services Co., Ltd. and Qinhuangdao weikawei Auto Parts Co., Ltd

carbon asset management companies have successfully entered the power agency services of users. It is conceivable that the services developed by carbon asset management companies around energy-saving services or carbon asset operations are highly competitive. They have energy-saving and emission reduction technology and mature financial operation experience in carbon assets. Although they are unfamiliar with the power sales business at the beginning, over time, this type of company has enough understanding of the power sales market, It can provide customers with more diverse choices according to its own playing methods, such as financial leasing and other services

of course, power selling companies don't have talents in this field, or they don't know how to find partners. They can first learn about the knowledge of carbon trading market. The upcoming second China carbon trading market development forum is a great opportunity - you can learn about carbon market policies, know the functions of relevant departments or get to know partners at the forum. After all, the national unified carbon trading market may open in 2017, Don't you want to know how to play electricity sales + Carbon Asset Management (Finance) at that time

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