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Power selling companies have ushered in new opportunities in history

since the release of Document No. 9, power selling companies have sprung up, bringing vitality to the power trading market. In the second half of this year, the new power reform will still be fully launched, ushering in the second round of outbreak, breaking the monopoly of the traditional power market, and gradually making the electricity price market, which means that the reform dividend will continue to be released, and the power selling companies will usher in historical development opportunities

the capacity of the electricity sales market is nearly 3 trillion yuan

according to the recently disclosed electricity price supervision report, the national average selling price of China's electricity sales market is 0.492 yuan/kWh, while the total electricity consumption of China in 2016 was 5.92 trillion kwh. A simple calculation shows that the capacity of the national electricity sales market is 2 Although it is not 91 trillion yuan

electricity consumption and growth of China's whole society in

(unit: 100 million kwh,%)

according to the historical development law of China's power industry in recent years, combined with the growth rate of economic development and the pull of downstream demand on power production, the market scale of China's power industry will maintain stable growth in the future

it is estimated that in the next few years, the growth rate of the market size of China's power industry will be about 3%. By 2022, the market size of the industry will exceed 7 trillion kwh, which means that there is still huge room for growth in the capacity of the electricity sales market

prediction of the scale of electricity consumption in China in

(unit: 100 million kwh)

problems faced by power selling companies

at present, power selling companies mainly face four problems. First of all, in the power reform, because it did not touch the sensitive links such as independent dispatching, even if the "black box" of electricity is opened and an independent large-scale power sale is established, it may still breed a "new monopoly" of electricity enterprises

secondly, the separation of power trading institutions from electricity is an inevitable trend. Under the direct leadership or authorization of the government, in order to achieve fair trading, the independence of trading institutions can reduce the influence and intervention of power 10.0 enterprises on market transactions, which is conducive to information disclosure, fair trading and market supervision. Internationally, the separation of market transactions from the asset ownership, operation and scheduling functions of electricity is also a relatively common mode. From the perspective of implementation difficulty, The independence of power trading institutions does not change the current industry organization structure and security system. The difficulty and cost of reform are much smaller than that of transmission and distribution separation, distribution and distribution pendulum impact testing machine failure and dispatching independence

third, for the reform of the power sales side, the biggest controversy comes from the property rights of the power sales link, whether to completely divest the power sales business, retain the power sales business for private capital to participate in, or access more private power sales companies without changing the existing power sales market

finally, the biggest problem is that if the "thorough" reform is carried out on the power selling side, that is, the distribution and separation of electricity, for the existing large number of land 5, whether it is the temperature or humidity of the environment, the power supply bureau or power supply company may face the possibility of reform. It is most likely to establish a modern enterprise system in the power supply bureau to solve the problem of marketization of power generation and distribution, as well as how to manage the transmission highway, of which the reform of the power supply bureau will be the most important part

future trend of the electricity sales market

the liberalization of the electricity sales market will effectively promote the marketization of electricity price and the marketization of distribution and consumption. In the future, the power sales company will be positioned as a diversified energy service provider on the demand side of electricity consumption. From the distribution link to the end user, it can only use electricity meters and access equipment, and build intelligent power terminals. Document No. 9 advocates energy-saving services to engage in electricity sales business, The integration of power sales and power consumption services will be the most likely trend for power sales companies in the future

first, some companies that carry out power sales business already have the power demand service function, and it is expected to carry out business integration in the future to open up the business links of power sales and power consumption services

second, power selling companies that lack the ability to serve electricity demand themselves may, in the future, deploy electricity service businesses through endogenous, extension or cooperation, with partners in the field of electricity demand services

third, the current regulatory standards in the field of power demand services may also set up power sales companies to participate in the power sales business and become the direct beneficiaries of the power reform

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