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Power runs in the sun, railway construction heavy industry opens up a green channel for development

power runs in the sun, railway construction heavy industry opens up a green channel for development

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recently, Changsha, Hunan Province selected the "contract abiding and trustworthy unit", and railway construction heavy industry was rated as "AAA" trustworthy unit, which is one of the units with the highest credit rating in Changsha. This means that enterprises will enjoy 14 "green channel" preferential policies such as industry and commerce, taxation and preferential services, simplifying the declaration procedures of export tax rebate (Exemption) and preferential recommendation of projects. Railway construction heavy industry has opened up a "green channel" for the development of enterprises by governing enterprises according to law

manage the "people" cadre competition openly and transparently

"today, I come here with great gratitude. What I want to express is not only my longing for the position of secretary, but also my gratitude for the internal competition in the company. Because the competition has changed my career development direction and changed my life trajectory." This is the opening speech of Zhang Xinxin, the candidate for the position of secretary in the administrative office of China railway construction heavy industry group on August 28 this year

when the 29 year old came to CRCC heavy industry, he was a young man with only a college degree. Without any relationship background, he stood out from hundreds of workers in a competition at the grass-roots level and became a grass-roots manager due to his willingness to learn and make progress and excellent performance. This time, he once again proved his excellence with strength, defeated many graduates of famous schools in the recruitment of secretary of railway construction heavy industry, and opened up the "green channel" of his life

at the same time, the employees in the production line of the TBM business headquarters of China railway construction heavy industry are discussing a new thing: the production department has newly established a general assembly class, and the new monitor is neither designated by the leaders nor elected by the public opinion, but a young college student who volunteered and competed for employment. Wang weipeng was a college student who entered railway construction heavy industry in 2011. After two rounds of competition, Xiao Wang became the monitor of the third class of general assembly as he wished. He said, "I am the first person to eat crabs, and I will certainly do my best to lead the team and build an excellent team."

not only grassroots jobs such as secretary and monitor need competition, but also some important middle-level cadre positions need to complete the transformation of life through level by level examinations and competition. On the morning of November 21, according to IHS Markit data, six candidates launched a public competitive speech defense of the Deputy Minister of finance. The six candidates entered the competitive speech session after passing the professional knowledge test and the interview selection. The employees who participated in the competition said that although the competition was fierce, it was absolutely fair and just, and they were happy to work in the sun

in some professional stations, a recruitment advertisement of "100 excellent talents plan" and "five unlimited" policy has opened the door for you "by railway construction heavy industry has attracted a lot of" phoenix ". All applicants who come must also pass the" three passes "of written examination, interview and speech. Everyone should rely on their strength and add new functions, which has become an important design driver of household appliances to compete for positions, and no one will open the door for you

"talent is the key to the development of enterprises. At any time, we should consciously regulate the selection and employment of people, close the talents of good people, and let excellent people come out." Liufeixiang, the head of China railway construction heavy industry group, personally paid attention to the selection of cadres, and through the formulation of specific systems, scientific and rigorous assessment, and a clear division of job responsibilities, the open recruitment of cadres from top to bottom and from horizontal to edge was fully covered, and the style of enterprise cadres was clear and upright

manage the "money" smart game and squeeze out the "water"

in September, the team led by he Qiping, the head of Siemens and the chief machinist of railway construction heavy industry, has just completed arduous negotiations. In October, the head of Italian ponwanli company flew to Changsha to start a new round of smart game. Such a contest has been staged for 30 times in 2014, which is an important work of he Zong's team this year.

speaking of bulk material procurement, He Qi, the chief machinist of railway construction heavy industry, became a "chatter" at that time. He said that the procurement of shield parts has always been carried out through bidding. Although it is carried out in strict accordance with the system, due to the large volume and high professionalism of shield parts procurement, professional personnel must have targeted negotiations to "win by surprise". For example, the group wanted to purchase hobs from ponwanli company in Italy. In the past, they were purchased through agents in Hong Kong, but in the bidding procurement, the other party was unwilling to reduce the price anyway. The relevant personnel in charge of bulk procurement directly contacted the Italian headquarters, explained to the other party the influence and market share of China Railway Construction in the world, introduced the development prospects of China railway construction heavy industry, and invited the other party to come to understand the situation. After many contacts and exchanges, the other party believed that the long-term cooperation with China railway construction heavy industry would have less profits, but from a long-term perspective, the risk of cooperation with powerful and promising enterprises was small, The profit lasted for a long time, so they reduced the price of each hob by 5% on the original basis. The rigorous Italian businessman sighed after the negotiation: the Chinese are really smart. This is the first time that we have pressed the price so low

At the beginning of December, a report on bulk material procurement was delivered to Chairman Liu Feixiang. After six months of bulk material procurement, we have achieved unexpected results. After 30 contracts of hard negotiation, the average cost of each shield was saved by 678000 yuan, and only this saved 12.47 million yuan

the "management of important material procurement negotiation" is a major project negotiation and major contract system formulated by China railway construction heavy industry this year. The system clearly stipulates that every important material procurement must have the participation and review of professionals, legal staff and lawyers. In this year's shield machine parts procurement, in addition to the bidding procurement procedures, enterprises should also organize experts, legal workers, finance and other relevant personnel from 10 departments to vigorously develop the new energy vehicle industry to form a "think tank" to jointly participate in the procurement work. Many parts of the shield machine need to be purchased from overseas. Due to the understanding of the industry, the familiarity with the law, and the proficiency in finance, the "think tank" can take the initiative in the purchase of some parts of the shield machine, and the negotiation is justified. By purchasing in the form of wholesale price, each shield machine has been reduced by nearly 6 points

he Qiping said that the bidding and procurement of major items are absolutely operated in the sun. Through the system to manage and use the money well, the last drop of water in the cost link is squeezed out, and the cost of the enterprise is reduced, the efficiency is improved, and the management level is improved

manage the "system" well and improve the competitiveness of enterprises

in August, the latest data from the railway construction heavy industry manufacturing supply center showed that the inventory in this month was more than 15.7 million lower than that in July; At the end of September, the inventory amount decreased by more than 23.4 million; Inventory fell by more than 20 million in November...

this is one of the remarkable results achieved by China railway construction heavy industry in the reform of the enterprise framework

in May this year, CRCC heavy industry carried out a framework reform and established four departments and two centers, that is to say, each business department should complete a series of work such as marketing, R & D, manufacturing, service and payment recovery. Market transactions can be carried out internally, which supports each other, but it has formed a huge internal competitiveness, which has forced each business department to want to run the 1.1 optical lens column material method to reduce costs

High inventory has always been one of the difficulties of enterprises. The marketization of internal transactions has put pressure on the managers of the manufacturing and supply center. In order to completely solve this problem, they have launched the "approval mechanism for the arrival plan of purchased materials". When preparing purchased materials, they must fill in the "approval form for the arrival plan of purchased materials". Through this form, the purchasers can monitor and master the changes of the production plan, the actual production progress of the workshop and the inventory situation in real time. If the current inventory of a material has met the recent production demand, the re arrival of the material will not be approved, so as to ensure the rationality of the arrival of the material. It ensures that every material bought back meets the current production needs, rather than being overstocked in the warehouse. This measure alone has reduced the inventory amount of the manufacturing and supply center by more than 30 million in the past two months

this year, CRCC heavy industry added and revised 218 rules and regulations, 13000 process specific people, and the enterprise further ensured the "grounding" of managing the enterprise according to law through innovative management mechanisms

in this year's mass line education practice, the leaders of the superior assessment department felt the most when they inspected CRCC heavy industry that wherever the enterprise went, all the people who asked it had a clear conscience to say that in this enterprise, all institutional management was carried out in the sun, that is, having a meal together in the Spring Festival, and don't want to get a little cheaper from the enterprise. There is no such loophole to be exploited in any place where you spend money

the system is reasonable and the implementation is powerful. Railway construction heavy industry improves the ability and level of managing enterprises according to law through the improvement of the system. The external image of the enterprise is good, and the "green channel" helps the enterprise drive into the fast lane of development and improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise

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