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Weiqiang released a wide screen 10 ", 15" and 19 "integrated touch screen tablet computer

Weiqiang industrial computer, an innovative leading manufacturer of global industrial computers, released a wide screen touch tablet computer, which integrates many functions and can be used in various fields, including games, imaging, car monitoring, video conferencing, digital signage, etc. The LCD widescreen uses the aspect ratio of 16:9/16:10 to display a slight black band above and below the image, which will help users add the function keys of the software system on the original interface and browse multiple windows on one screen at the same time

Wei Qiang's afolux widescreen 10 ", 15" and 19 "tablet computers and Intel Lingdong processor fanless system are ideal for the integration of low-power embedded application systems. High speed Intel GM45 mobile chipset provides sufficient guarantee for high-performance applications. Rich multimedia peripherals, an integrated camera with 300000 pixels, and a complete set of digital microphones and ultra-thin optical drives are installed on the front panel

the display with IP64 protection grade is very suitable for the application in the harsh environment of humidity and dust. The built-in intelligent automatic photosensitive sensor adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the external light to ensure the best visual experience. No strain gauge is pasted on the surface of the elastic element, but it can provide comfortable viewing, reduce power consumption and prolong the backlight life. Equipped with HSDPA 3.5G communication card, afolux tablet computer has many unimaginable functions. For example, it can display station information in buses and taxis, and the network player can make your information visible everywhere in the world

afolu tablet series products are compatible with 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n Wireless standards. At the operating speed of 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz, the data transmission speed is up to 540 Mbps, and it can be connected with the high-speed network, which can be applied to the large environment and small environment through various interfaces. The high-performance afolux tablet computer of Intel GM45 system is also equipped with high-definition digital multimedia interface (HDMI), which is dedicated to transmitting high-definition digital video/audio signals without compression

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about Weiqiang

IEI Technology Corp. is a leader in Taiwan's industrial computer industry and one of the world's major industrial computer manufacturers Weiqiang industrial computer is a subsidiary of ICP group in Taiwan. In Q1 2008, Weiqiang Shanghai Branch (Shanghai Weiqiang Industrial Computer Co., Ltd.) was established in Shanghai to professionally serve local customers in China

since its establishment, Weiqiang has always adhered to the concept of customer-oriented development, and has gained a high reputation in technology development, product design, customized products, business marketing and customer service. Weiqiang has successfully launched more than 400 products, including network storage devices, network multimedia devices, network security devices, single board computers, servers, integrated workstations, industrial computer chassis, LCD computers, flash disk drives, pc/104 products, power supplies, backplanes and other products. Weiqiang's products can be used in many computer related fields, such as industrial control, automation, medical equipment, POS (point of sale) system, network application, security system, national defense technology, GPS global positioning system, automatic toll collection device, police equipment, transportation equipment, unmanned machine room Base station and CTI (network communication integration) system, etc. In addition, in addition to selling brand products, Weiqiang also provides oem/odm customized services to meet the needs of all customers. Looking forward to the future, Weiqiang will continue to focus on the improvement of R & D and manufacturing technology, with the long-term goal of being the best partner of relevant partners

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