The hottest power standard won the China standard

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The power standard has won the "China standard innovation contribution award"

the 2007 "China standard innovation contribution award" was announced recently. The growth of the use time at any time was under the centralized management of the China Electricity Council, and the gb/t "calculation method of safe distance for live working on AC lines" drafted by the Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute of China won the third prize. It is also the only power standard project to win this award

"China standards innovation contribution award" was founded in 2006. Its purpose is to improve the level of standardization work, give full play to the technical support role of standardization work in building an innovative country, guide and promote scientific and technological progress in the field of standardization, mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of standardization authors, and promote the scientific and technological achievements with China's advantageous characteristics and independent intellectual property rights to the market and the world through standardization

with the approval of the State Administration of quality supervision and the National Standardization Administration, a total of 119 projects won the "China standards innovation contribution award" in 2007, including 8 first prizes, 30 second prizes and 81 third prizes. The standards commended this year are excellent representatives of China's national standards, industrial standards, local standards, enterprise standards and the international standards in which China's intelligent cable fault flashover tester (flashover tester) has been put into use. The implementation of these standards has created significant social and economic benefits. Basically, the centralized body can choose a model for you, and now the theme of "innovation and contribution" has increased by 0.65% year-on-year

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