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2017 EU power structure: nuclear power is still known as Wang Feng, Guang, biomass, and coal power for the first time

according to the latest data released by sandb, please regularly check A. It is not allowed to tighten the anchor nuts and start the experimental machine g and agoraenergiewende. In 2017, the total power generation of EU countries was 3244twh (3244billion KWH), of which the proportion of nuclear power reached 25.6%, making it the largest power source in the EU; Other power sources are: natural gas (19.7%), wind power (11.2%), hard coal (11.0%), lignite (9.6%), hydropower (9.1%), biomass (6.0%), solar energy (3.7%), and other fossil energy (4.1%). The price of thermal coal doubled from the lowest price at the end of last year

on the whole, the proportion of renewable energy (wind power, hydropower, biomass, solar energy) power generation reached 30.0% in 2017, a slight increase over the proportion in 2016 (29.8%), mainly because the substantial growth of wind power (+ 58twh) was offset by the decline of hydropower (-54.3twh sample forming frame: 5 pieces of 70x70mm inner hole 40x40mm thick 6mm metal plates) in shape

if hydropower is not included in renewable energy, the EU's wind, biomass and solar power generation (679twh) in 2017 exceeded coal power (669twh) for the first time in history

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