In August, the price of thick plate continued to r

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In mid August, the price of thick plate continued to rise, and environmental protection and production restriction became the main catalyst

the price of thick plate continued to rise in mid August, and the rise accelerated. It is understood that the national infrastructure policy has been issued one after another, the environmental protection policy of Shanxi region and the rumor that Tangshan region, due to the air quality ranking at the bottom, implemented the peak shift production ahead of schedule on September 1, and the production limit ratio of steel enterprises is not less than 50%. This factor has become the main catalyst for the rise in steel prices this week. Let's look at the market through the plate data and analyze the future market trend

According to the monitoring data, as of August 21, the mainstream price of MM ordinary board in key cities in China remained at 4503 yuan, with an average price of 50 yuan higher than the same period last week and 176 yuan higher than the same period last month. At present, the spot prices in Handan, Tianjin, Jiangyin and Lecong are 4430 yuan, 4370 yuan, 4460 yuan and 4610 yuan respectively

in terms of lock-in price of steel mills, the overall lock-in price policy in North China has been rising recently. In the third week of this month, the lock-in price of Puyang is basically in yuan, that of other steel mills in Wu'an is basically in yuan, and that of Tanggang is basically in yuan. Other steel mills also adjust with the market dynamics, basically high-level consolidation and strengthening

steel billets also follow the good news from all aspects, soaring and rising. Now the ex factory price of Tangshan ordinary carbon billets including tax is 4110 yuan, which has exceeded the 4000 yuan mark. For the spot price of steel has played a leading role in pulling up and strong support. However, in the market, the terminal demand has not been fully released, and the high price transaction has been blocked, so the overall market transaction situation has not improved significantly

according to the monitoring data, as of the issuance, through continuous adjustment and guidance, the average daily medium plate output of Tianjin Hebei Shandong Henan medium plate plant is 58500 tons, the capacity utilization rate is 86%, and the weekly ring ratio will be 3 percentage points, of which two rolling lines will be reduced and one will be increased. From this point of view, at present, the binding of medium and heavy plate is basically normal, and the follow-up needs to focus on the inventory situation

the capacity utilization rate of medium and heavy plate plants in Tianjin Hebei Shandong Henan region fell slightly

the inventory of medium and heavy plate in Wu'an increased significantly in the third week of August

the inventory in Wu'an market increased significantly this week compared with last week. According to statistical data, on August 17, the inventory of Wu'an medium plate was 250000 tons, with a weekly increase of 23000 tons, 11 warehouses exceeding 10000 tons, an increase of 2 month on month, China trade 38000 tons, an increase of 2000 tons, and Huachang 29500 tons, an increase of 25000 tons. It can be seen that after the storm of limiting production and power in the early stage, the production of the steel plant basically returned to normal this week. In Jiangsu region, steel mills used to overhaul blast furnaces and other equipment, but now production has basically resumed

as for the national medium plate inventory, as of August 17, the total inventory of medium and heavy plates in 29 key cities in China reached 955500 tons, an increase of 22700 tons over last Friday, a range of 2.43%, an increase of 4.65% over the same period last month, and an increase of 7.51% over the same period last year. Although the inventory has increased, relatively speaking, the overall inventory of the market is not at a high level, and the relationship between supply and demand is relatively balanced. In the short term, the overall domestic market inventory is relatively stable

in the third week of August, the overall order receiving volume of Tianjin Hebei Henan plate plant rose by 50000 tons

last week, the order receiving volume of Tianjin Hebei Luyu plate plant significantly decreased by 200000 tons, and this week it rebounded. According to the monitoring data, in the third week of August, the overall order receiving of medium and heavy plate mills in Tianjin Hebei region embraced the "test field" of interconnected state-owned enterprises, and the amount of "steel partners" grew around 130000 tons, an obvious increase of more than 50000 tons compared with last week. This shows that in the third week of this month, with the rapid rise in the price of medium and heavy plate as a whole, although the order receiving of steel mills has improved, but the cost of taking goods by traders is high, and the ordering is not particularly active. Therefore, the market sentiment is still wait-and-see and operate cautiously

in general, considering that the state introduced measures to stabilize growth and expand domestic demand such as infrastructure investment in the second half of the year; The inhibition of blue sky defense war on the release of backward production capacity; The downward pressure on future steel prices is not great due to factors such as enhanced market confidence. It can be seen that in the absence of other major bad news, the future price may be mainly high, but the price rise has accelerated. After the economic crisis, the market of the tension machine industry has experienced a substantial recovery, and there is a callback risk, so it is still recommended to operate cautiously

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